Accidents & Injuries


Whiplash can come in many forms.  Auto Accidents, Slip and falls, roller coaster rides, horseback riding and sports can all lead to injuries.  Our patients have told us that they felt better faster and were able to stay pain free longer with Dr. Julie’s chiropractic care for their accident-related whiplash and soft tissue injuries than with general medical care.  Prescribing pain medication to treat your symptoms is not a cure.  While pain medications may make you feel better initially through the acute phase of injury, it will simply mask the problem, not fix it. 
We know that proper chiropractic care and not over medicating are the keys to your physical and emotional recovery.
We offer:
Female Chiropractic Physician who is specially trained to understand and aid patients with injuries of the spine and extremities.  
Emergency Medical Evaluation within 14 days of auto accident
Diagnose and pinpoint the source of pain – whether it is a new injury, or one that is many years old.   
Help relieve pain caused by accidents.  
Improve the body’s mobility and flexibility.  
Increase blood flow to the damaged areas, resulting in faster recovery.   
Provide referrals to other qualified health professionals.
CHIROPRACTIC provides a better physical recovery rate than any other practitioner.
We are happy to work closely with any attorney and we accept all Auto Insurance Claims and LOP (Letter’s of Protection).