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Dr Julie Kay Pearson, BS, DC

aka: Dr Mom

The Virtual Health Studio 

$222/year  or only $22 month

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I have dealt with picky-eaters, non-eaters, weight issues, diabetes, recurrent ear infections, constipation, diarrhea, rashes, eczema, upset tummy aches, infections, sore throats, hyperactivity ADD/ADHD, fatigue...... and so much more.  There really isn’t much that I haven’t seen or helped.  I remember when my son, Sterling, was the pickiest little guy on the planet at age 2. Every vitamin, new food, or smoothie concoction that I would give him he would gag and barf it up all over me, himself and the table. Finally, one day after letting him put the items in the blender and hitting the ON button himself, it made all of the difference in the world. Giving them some control, does make a difference! If he turned it on and watched it blend, he would drink the smoothie! If I made it without him he would have nothing to do with it!!

I have raised all of my children vaccine and drug free! After 20 years of mothering experience and 27 years Doctor clinical experience, I created a Club where moms and dads, caregivers, grandparents or anyone can go to get instant help, advice, plans, recipes, testing, and programs in an easy online platform. You can do it in the privacy of your own home at 2 am if you need to! There are solutions for both you and your child. When they become involved with their health and nutrition they do better, even as young as 2!! 

Dr Mom club will give you health advice, tips and tricks to help SuperMoms and DynamiteDads raise happy healthy kids!! You are invited to join our like-minded community. Supermom and Dynamite Dads’ stress is real, burn out is real and confusion of what to feed your kids is real. Don't let it overwhelm you.  Keeping it simple is the key.

Learn nutritional and natural toxic free solutions. Conventional medicine treats the symptoms, Dr Mom gets to the root of the issue.  

Be watching for the launch of Dr Mom Club soon, and get your family on the right path to excellent health.

And for you SuperMom, your own self care is even more important... Balance hormones, fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight, central nervous system discord and overall burnout. Moms are the glue, they need love too!!

Don't wait until tomorrow when you can take action today!   

You’ll be welcomed to a natural way for a happy healthy new life.


Eat. Sleep. Poop





Private global community. 

“YOU Can Heal Your Child ” - Dr Julie 

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 As a parent, we want nothing but the very best for our children. Dr Mom club was created by a Mom for Moms.  Mom‘s trust each other. Moms rely on each other. When your child gets sick you want nothing but the best advice and moms usually turn to other moms.

Dr Mom club will give you health tips and tricks to help SuperMoms and DynamiteDad‘s raise happy healthy kids in a like-minded community.

Mom and Dad need help too! SuperMom stress is real, burn out is real, DynamiteDad disasters are real, and the health issues that develop are overwhelming!

Providing support and guidance to build confidence and create a sense of calmness for SuperMoms and their families.

Over the last 26 years I’ve been on a mission to change the way people look at health and help them avoid the downward spiral of modern medicine. I deeply understand the challenges that we all face as SuperMoms and WonderWomen!