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Dr Julie Kay Pearson, BS, DC

aka: Dr Mom

The Virtual Health Studio 

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Holistic Alternative methods to treating Triple Negative Breast Cancer!

An ongoing series of informational entries

Our Latest Blog Entry

Since I have created a new version of eating for healing, weight control and killing cancer, and isn’t truly Vegan or Vegetarian, I have trademarked my program Julietarian™. A Vegan diet does not allow dairy, eggs or meat, but does allow you to have starch, sugar, soy, gluten, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit, oils, fats, cookies, pies, chips, cupcakes, semolina, wholegrain products, sprouted wheat breads, flour breads, juices, soda, coffee, processed food, chemicals, and alcohol, etc. A vegetarian diet allows you to have all of the above, PLUS dairy and eggs. However, none of these promote anti-inflammatory or weight control. And these should be avoided when losing weight and cleaning out your body. I am convinced that eating the right amount protein, (you need less than you think) and no animal protein from land or air, (I do allow Wild Fish in moderation) is the key to healing your body, to sustaining longevity and a healthy weight.

My Devastating Diagnosis

January 16, 2020

I was diagnosed with a rare aggressive Metaplastic, Ductal, Squamous Cell Differentiation, Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I was told that each of those components added up to fast acting, fast metastasizing, poor prognosis, and no real treatment options are available.  Therefore,  I am going all Alternative and forging my own path utilizing a Holistic route.  I honestly didn’t have any options.   Jupiter medical wouldn’t even see me unless I had a mammogram. Surgeons wouldn’t see me unless I had an oncologist. Oncologists said, if I’m not going to do chemotherapy or radiation there really isn’t anything else they had to offer me. So, I was forced to think outside the box.  After 11 months of researching every day, interviewing over 15 physicians and oncologists from all over the world (at $400-$900 per 1 hour consult), I learned a lot. I already had 25 years of experience  helping cancer patients navigate their paths (ironic now all of my research is for myself). I have put together a plan that can turn the body into a healing machine. You have to go many layers deep with cancer- Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, supplements, detoxification, off-label medications, etc. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to make hasty decisions or be forced into something that does not feel right to you. I’m here if you need help navigating the Alternative side.

My Biopsy Appointment

January 13, 2020

I’m not quite sure how I got talked into doing a biopsy, when I recommend to all of my patients to avoid it. Well, its because I just knew it would be benign. Never in my Life did I ever think I would hear my name and Cancer in the same sentence. So, I did the biopsy and my worst nightmare happened! The machine broke down with a 12 gauge needle in the lump. The needle was removed while the machine was fixed.  Blood was  all over my  gown.  My eyes were as large as saucers from the disbelief of what was happening, but I never said a word. I just prayed to God over and over. “Please guard and protect me and keep this mass contained!” I ended up getting stuck five times with the needle to make sure he got enough tissue for the lab to test the biopsy, because we certainly did not want to repeat it. During the biopsy the tiny round cysts burst when the anesthesia needle inserted into it. I gasped. The Doc said “that’s OK it’s just a cyst, but we’re going to send the fluid to the lab and see what it is.” The  results came back 3 days later and my life changed forever! I was told that I had one of the worst diagnosis of breast cancer that a woman could get. More tests would be run. If they came back HER 2 negative I would be Triple negative, and there is no treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. And sure enough, low and behold, when the results came back it revealed TRIPLE NEGATIVE! Negative estrogen. Negative progesterone and HER 2 Negative.  Not to mention the “cyst” that burst, came back as the same tissue make-up as the malignant tumor = rare metaplastic carcinoma squamous cell representation breast cancer!  So did it spread!? From the biopsy?? The biopsy was the only way to actually test the tissue in the lab, so I really could not have avoided it, if I wanted to know the data.