Meet the Doctor

Dr. Julie K Pearson, BS, DC has received an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Anatomy, an Associate degree in Pre-law Paralegal, a Doctorate of Chiropractic, Certified Nutritionist, Corrective Spinal Care Certification, Auricular Acupuncture Coursework, is founder of Dr Mom Wellness and owns The Institute of Holistic Healing & Chiropractic. Her clients include pediatrics and adults, as well as, Elite Olympic athletes in gymnastics, swimming, track & field, and body building, due in no small part to her past experience as a competitive gymnast, a collegiate dance squad team member, gymnastics coach, aerobic instructor and fitness trainer.  Dr. Julie Pearson has a drug free approach to alleviating patient sickness with spinal health, proper organic nutrition and exercise.  She has extensive training in Alternative Pediatric Childcare and Pregnancy and as a mother of three, supports raising children vaccination and drug free.  She just gave birth (August 24, 2016) in her 40’s at home in waterbirth if tub.  “It was my easiest pregnancy and best delivery of all three!”  Her life mission is to educate the world on reversing dis-ease, illness and autism with chiropractic, organic nutrition & toxic free living. 
It was her first pregnancy over 15 years ago that ignited her mission to teach families about the deadly side effects of synthetic chemicals, drugs and artificial ingredients in the food & water supply and household products.  Through her research and expertise, she has helped all types of symptoms and conditions in her private practice from infants to adult.  
She has ranked in the top 25 Doctors of Chiropractic in America 5 years in a row.  She is a national guest speaker for Chiropractic & Nutrition, educating the world on raising families toxic free.
      (Dr Julie with a patient)